New Orleans can be a dangerous place.  Especially for a prosecutor.

Ryan Murphy is an assistant district attorney who likes her Tequila cold and her cops hot.  With a mouth that doesn't know quite when to stop, her attitude plays well in front of a jury, but has a tendency to piss off judges, defendants, and other attorneys alike. Battling demons from her past and checking her self-destructive streak take a back seat to her ambition, and she's not above skating the line just a little to get what she wants. It seems her hard work is just about to pay off.  If she snags a detective in the process, well, that's just a little lagniappe for her trouble. Life should be good.

Enter a demented psycho, with a plan to ruin Ryan's life before he ultimately kills her.

Set against the backdrop of pre-Katrina New Orleans, Gumbo Justice is the first in a series that follows the tumultuous life of prosecutor Ryan Murphy.



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