Coming July 2011:

Jambalaya Justice


When the body of a hooker is discovered in a crackhouse, New Orleans prosecutor Ryan Murphy refuses to let the case languish into yet another unsolved homicide.  She has a connection to the victim and won’t back down until the murder is solved, even if it means insinuating herself into the investigation.  And if she hides her involvement from her detective boyfriend, it’s only because he’s busy working late nights on a secret case of his own. 

When Ryan isn’t hounding the homicide detective for information or investigating the murder behind his back, she’s juggling her Strike Force cases, including a four-victim mob hit, a nasty domestic violence assault, and the armed robbery of a strip club.

At first, Ryan’s only concern is getting justice for her victims.  By the time the weekend ends, she’ll settle for staying alive.

Set against the backdrop of pre-Katrina New Orleans, Jambalaya Justice is the second in the Crescent City Mystery Series.

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