Holli Castillo is an appellate public defender with the state of Louisiana and a former New Orleans prosecutor. Prior to receiving her JD from Loyola University, she was a child support collector for the District Attorney's Office in New Orleans and received a BA in Drama/Communications from the University of New Orleans.

Holli worked her way through undergrad at the now-defunct Can-Can Cabaret in the Royal Sonesta Hotel on  Bourbon Street. Her three-year stint at the Can-Can was instrumental in landing the collection position at the D.A.'s Office, as she was only granted an interview because the hiring manager was curious to see what a Can-Can girl looked like.

The release of her first novel, GUMBO JUSTICE, was delayed after she was involved in a near-fatal head-on collision with a drunk driver in June, '08.  She was back on her feet after seven months of immobility, during which time she wrote an award-winning screenplay, and frequently points out she's still kicking, just not as high. 

She currently lives in the metropolitan New Orleans area with her husband, two children, dog, and deaf cat.  When she's not working, writing, or evacuating from hurricanes, she is busy serving as president of the Co-OP Parent Association at her youngest child's school and running the bar she and her husband own on the westbank of New Orleans.